Turján winery is a family owned, small (with 4 000 bottles a year) winery in Hungary, Tokaj Region, Erdőbénye village.

Our family is traced back until 1754 in Erdőbénye and our family members in various ways always worked with vineyards, wines. The most notable one is Mihály Turján, wine-maker for the King and Kaiser of Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of the 19th century. Others made barrels, wine or worked on the vineyards.

We create wines at the highest quality in an environmental friendly way. Though having long tradition of producing wine, the first vintage in bottles from the Turján Family is from 2009.

Grapes are from the wonderful Messzelátó Valley (Furmint and Yellow Muscat). Mogyorósok Valley is to fruit in the coming years.

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